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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of Invenio.
# Copyright (C) 2016, 2017 CERN.
# Invenio is free software; you can redistribute it
# and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
# published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
# License, or (at your option) any later version.
# Invenio is distributed in the hope that it will be
# useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Invenio; if not, write to the
# Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
# MA 02111-1307, USA.
# In applying this license, CERN does not
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"""Archivers for SIP."""

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

import json
from datetime import datetime

from flask import current_app
from invenio_db import db
from jsonschema import validate

from invenio_sipstore.api import SIP
from invenio_sipstore.archivers import BaseArchiver
from invenio_sipstore.models import SIPMetadata, SIPMetadataType, \

[docs]class BagItArchiver(BaseArchiver): """BagIt archiver for SIPs. Archives the SIP in the BagIt archive format (v0.97). For more information on the BagIt standard visit: """ bagit_metadata_type_name = 'bagit' """Name of the SIPMetadataType for internal use of BagItArchiver.""" archiver_version = 'SIPBagIt-v1.0.0' """Specification of the SIP bag structure. This name will be formatted as ``External-Identifier`` tag:: External-Identifier: <>/<archiver_version> """ def __init__(self, sip, data_dir='data/files', metadata_dir='data/metadata', extra_dir='', patch_of=None, include_all_previous=False, tags=None, filenames_mapping_file='data/filenames.txt'): """Constructor of the BagIt Archiver. When specifying 'patch_of' parameter the 'include_all_previous' flag determines whether files that are missing in the archived SIP (w.r.t. the SIP specified in 'patch_of') should be treated as explicitly deleted (include_all_previous=False) or if they should still be included in the manifest. Example: include_all_previous = True SIP_1: SIPFiles: a.txt, b.txt BagIt Manifest: a.txt, b.txt SIP_2 (Bagged with patch_of=SIP_1): SIPFiles: b.txt, c.txt BagIt Manifest: a.txt, b.txt, c.txt fetch.txt: a.txt, b.txt include_all_previous = False SIP_1: SIPFiles: a.txt, b.txt BagIt Manifest: a.txt, b.txt SIP_2 (Bagged with patch_of=SIP_1): SIPFIles: b.txt, c.txt BagIt Manifest: b.txt, c.txt fetch.txt: b.txt :param sip: API instance of the SIP that is to be archived. :type sip: :py:class:`invenio_sipstore.api.SIP` or :py:class:`invenio_sipstore.models.SIP` :param data_dir: directory where the SIPFiles will be written. :param metadata_dir: directory where the SIPMetadata will be written. :param extra_dir: directory where all extra files will be written, including the BagIt-specific files. :param patch_of: Write a 'lightweight' bag, which will archive only the new SIPFiles, and refer to the repeated ones in "fetch.txt" file. The provided argument is a SIP API, which will be taken as a base for determining the "diff" between two bags. :type patch_of: :py:class:`invenio_sipstore.api.SIP` or :py:class:`invenio_sipstore.models.SIP` :type bool include_missing_files: If set to True and if 'patch_of' is used, include the files that are missing in the SIP w.r.t. to the 'patch_of' SIP in the manifest. The opposite (include_missing_files=False) is equivalent to treating those as explicitly deleted - the files will not be included in the manifest, nor in the "fetch.txt" file. :param tags: a list of 2-tuple containing the tags of the bagit, which will be written to the 'bag-info.txt' file. :param filenames_mapping_file: filepath of the file in the archive which contains all of SIPFile mappings. If this parameter is boolean-resolvable as False, the file will not be created. """ super(BagItArchiver, self).__init__( sip, data_dir=data_dir, metadata_dir=metadata_dir, extra_dir=extra_dir, filenames_mapping_file=filenames_mapping_file) self.tags = tags or current_app.config['SIPSTORE_BAGIT_TAGS'] self.patch_of = (patch_of if isinstance(patch_of, SIP) else SIP(patch_of)) if patch_of else None self.include_all_previous = include_all_previous @staticmethod
[docs] def _is_fetched(file_info): """Determine if file info specifies a file that is fetched.""" return 'fetched' in file_info and file_info['fetched']
[docs] def _get_bagit_metadata_type(cls): """Return the SIPMetadataType for the BagIt metadata files.""" return SIPMetadataType.get_from_name(cls.bagit_metadata_type_name)
[docs] def get_bagit_metadata(cls, sip, as_dict=False): """Fetch the BagIt metadata information (SIPMetadata). :param sip: SIP for which to fetch the metadata. :returns: Return the BagIt metadata information (SIPMetadata) instace or None if the object does not exist. """ sm = SIPMetadata.query.filter_by(, type_id=cls._get_bagit_metadata_type().id).one_or_none() if sm and as_dict: return json.loads(sm.content) else: return sm
[docs] def get_bagit_file(self): """Create the bagit.txt file which specifies the version and encoding. :return: File information dictionary :rtype: dict """ content = 'BagIt-Version: 0.97\nTag-File-Character-Encoding: UTF-8' return self._generate_extra_info(content, 'bagit.txt')
[docs] def get_fetch_file(self, filesinfo): """Generate the contents of the fetch.txt file.""" content = '\n'.join('{0} {1} {2}'.format(f['fullpath'], f['size'], f['filepath']) for f in filesinfo) return self._generate_extra_info(content, 'fetch.txt')
def _generate_md5manifest_content(self, filesinfo): content = '\n'.join('{0} {1}'.format(self._get_checksum( f['checksum']), f['filepath']) for f in filesinfo) return content
[docs] def get_manifest_file(self, filesinfo): """Create the manifest file specifying the checksum of the files. :return: the name of the file and its content :rtype: tuple """ content = self._generate_md5manifest_content(filesinfo) return self._generate_extra_info(content, 'manifest-md5.txt')
def _generate_payload_oxum(self, filesinfo): return "{0}.{1}".format( sum([f['size'] for f in filesinfo]), len(filesinfo) )
[docs] def _generate_bagging_date(self): """Generate the bagging date timestamp.""" return datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f")
[docs] def get_baginfo_file(self, filesinfo): """Create the bag-info.txt file from the tags.""" # Include some auto-generated tags content = [] for t_name, t_value in self.tags: if t_name == 'Payload-Oxum': t_value = self._generate_payload_oxum(filesinfo) elif t_name == 'Bagging-Date': t_value = self._generate_bagging_date() elif t_name == 'External-Identifier' and t_value is None: t_value = '{0}/{1}'.format(, self.archiver_version) content.append("{0}: {1}".format(t_name, t_value)) content = "\n".join(content) return self._generate_extra_info(content, 'bag-info.txt')
[docs] def get_tagmanifest_file(self, filesinfo): """Create the tagmanifest file using the files info. :return: the name of the file and its content :rtype: tuple """ content = self._generate_md5manifest_content(filesinfo) return self._generate_extra_info(content, 'tagmanifest-md5.txt')
[docs] def get_all_files(self): """Create the BagIt metadata object.""" data_files = self._get_data_files() if self.patch_of: prev_data_files = [fi for fi in self.get_bagit_metadata( self.patch_of, as_dict=True)['files'] if 'file_uuid' in fi] # We need to determine which files are to be fetched and # which need to be written down to the archive # Helper mapping of UUID-tu-Data-Fileinfo id2df = dict((fi['file_uuid'], fi) for fi in data_files) # Helper mapping of UUID-tu-Previous-Data-Fileinfo id2pdf = dict((fi['file_uuid'], fi) for fi in prev_data_files) # Create sets for easier set operations pdf_s = set(id2pdf.keys()) df_s = set(id2df.keys()) # If all previous files are included, simply assume that all # previous files are to be fetched (pdf_s), as it's the most # optimal solution, otherwise take the union of old and new files # only (pdf_s & df_s) if self.include_all_previous: fetched_uuids = pdf_s else: fetched_uuids = pdf_s & df_s # Archived (written to disk) files are then only the strictly # new files, i.e.: data files minus the previous data # files (df_s - pdf_s) archived_uuids = df_s - pdf_s data_files = [] # We will build the list of data files again for uuid in fetched_uuids: fi = id2pdf[uuid] # If the file is attached to the new SIP, use the new filepath fi['filepath'] = id2df[uuid]['filepath'] if uuid in id2df \ else fi['filepath'] fi['fetched'] = True data_files.append(fi) for uuid in archived_uuids: data_files.append(id2df[uuid]) metadata_files = self._get_metadata_files() extra_files = self._get_extra_files(data_files, metadata_files) bagit_files = [] fetched_fi = [fi for fi in data_files if self._is_fetched(fi)] if fetched_fi: bagit_files.append(self.get_fetch_file(fetched_fi)) bagit_files.append(self.get_baginfo_file(data_files + metadata_files + extra_files)) bagit_files.append(self.get_manifest_file(data_files + metadata_files + extra_files)) bagit_files.append(self.get_bagit_file()) bagit_files.append(self.get_tagmanifest_file(bagit_files)) return data_files + metadata_files + extra_files + bagit_files
[docs] def save_bagit_metadata(self, filesinfo=None, overwrite=False): """Generate and save the BagIt metadata information as SIPMetadata.""" if not filesinfo: filesinfo = self.get_all_files() bagit_schema = current_jsonschemas.path_to_url( current_app.config['SIPSTORE_DEFAULT_BAGIT_JSONSCHEMA']) bagit_metadata = { 'files': filesinfo, '$schema': bagit_schema, } # Validate the BagIt metadata with JSONSchema schema_path = current_jsonschemas.url_to_path(bagit_schema) schema = current_jsonschemas.get_schema(schema_path) validate(bagit_metadata, schema) # Create the BagIt schema object bagit_type = self._get_bagit_metadata_type() content = json.dumps(bagit_metadata) with db.session.begin_nested(): obj = SIPMetadata.query.get((, if obj: if overwrite: obj.content = content else: raise Exception( 'Attempting to save BagIt metadata on top of existing' ' one. Use the "overwrite" flag to force.') else: obj = SIPMetadata(,, content=content) db.session.add(obj)
[docs] def write_all_files(self): """Write all of the archived files to the archive file system.""" bagit_meta = self.get_bagit_metadata(self.sip, as_dict=True) if not bagit_meta: all_files = self.get_all_files() self.save_bagit_metadata(all_files) bagit_meta = self.get_bagit_metadata(self.sip, as_dict=True) write_filesinfo = [fi for fi in bagit_meta['files'] if not self._is_fetched(fi)] return super(BagItArchiver, self).write_all_files( filesinfo=write_filesinfo)
[docs] def _get_checksum(checksum, expected='md5'): """Return the checksum if the type is the expected.""" checksum = checksum.split(':') if checksum[0] != expected or len(checksum) != 2: raise AttributeError('Checksum format is not correct.') else: return checksum[1]